Decorate Your Sofa With Gold Cushions

January 14, 2016

h&m cushions, decorating with gold cushions

 I know sometimes decorating your home can be quite expensive, but that’s not always the case. You can make it look more luxurious by simply buying glamorous looking accessories. A few cushions can really upscale the look of your living room. I’ve just bought these new gold cushions from H&M and I’m kind of in love. It’s exactly what I have been looking for. I find nice gold cushions are quite hard to come across so when I saw H&M sold these, I just had to get it. Gold and white, lovely prints, just beautiful! I find gold has a thing for making rooms look more elegant.
Or maybe I just really like the way gold makes a room look. I don’t know, but check out the way I use these ones.
The cushions are very large, 50cm by 50cm. There is a zip at the bottom of the cushions which hides neatly when placed down.

Here are some pictures of the white side of the cushion. I have to admit, I prefer this side because it matches my decor more, I have a lot of white in my house and it just goes well with the cushions.

gold h&m cushions

There is not much else I can say about the cushion but how much it has given my living room a luxurious look.

gold cushions

a gold accent cushion

gold cushions, grey sofa


 The other side of the cushion is this lovely rosy type print which, from far, looks pretty much all gold. This gives it this lovely shiny effect especially when the lights are on.


gold cushions grey sofa
Close up of the cushions. Doesn’t this side just look divine! The print is very intricate with a white background. I really like how it has this side, having the option to change it is always quite nice.
decorating with gold cushions
decorating with gold cushions
decorating with gold cushions

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