Yes the title says it all. Let’s not be ashamed, some of us may have done this before. I am a huge fan of it as well. I was converted not too long ago actually. Shopping for furniture when I was moving into this flat is actually where it all started. I’m not going to lie, before when shopping for furniture I used to think that buying everything brand new was the only way. I soon found out I was very wrong.

Sometimes buying some pre-loved items can go a long way! I used to have this idea that second hand goods weren’t always great in quality or there would be something wrong with the item which is why the seller didn’t want it anymore but it’s actually quite the opposite most of the time. You’ll find people sell their furniture for all sorts of reasons, sometimes its because they’re moving house or the items just don’t go with their decor anymore. Whatever their reason, I found myself soon taking advantage of it! It’s a great way to buy good quality expensive furniture at very cheap prices. But where to go for these second hand goods? I’ll tell you exactly where, just read along.
So you’re probably thinking why are there images of a dining table in this post? Well it’s because it’s one of the items in my flat that is in fact second hand. I found it very hard to find a dining table perfect for us when we were moving in. I specifically wanted a large one that also extends for when family and friends come over. This is an Ikea table which I found for a bargain on Ebay. We literally only payed £37 for it which is a huge difference to the original amount. And the quality is great! other than just one little chip at the side of the table, it’s pretty much brand new. Score.

So as promised, in no particular order, here are a few places you can get some good pre-loved furniture from:
  1. Ebay
  2. Gumtree
  3. Pre-loved
  4. Schpock (I am new to Schpock but growing to be a big fan)
  5. Second hand furniture shops (they are usually super cheap and you can see the quality of the item before buying)
  6. Ikea (Well it’s not actually second hand, but they have a section for ex-display furniture at a fraction of original prices)

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  1. I completely agree with you… I've kind of influenced my mum to look into the same thing. But it's interesting you can find really good furniture/items if you look properly and for a great price!

  2. I never used to buy preloved items. In my house in Dubai, everything was brand new but after moving to the UK, I have considered this option too. Not for everything though but something that can be cleaned properly before use. Like a dining table set 🙂

  3. This concept is new to me and the word preloved is so beautiful. turned out to be an awesome website until I realized it caters to the UK only.

  4. I love treasure hunting for preloved items – you never know what you'll find. I confess that I have a collection of antique china. They are so gorgeous, people don't make them like they used to. You can have a peek at my antiques on instagram or facebook @antique_tea_service_hire (I've just recently decided to make use of my antiques by hiring them out – only locally, of course!)

  5. What a great bargain… Masha Allah, thumbs up.

    You are right, sometimes people just want to declutter or buy something more appealing. I've found it a soothing and creative experience just hunting through charity stores and places like Ikea. You never know what you'll find.

  6. Love this concept! Everything doesn't always have to be brand new, and in fact some of the best pieces are second hand! I love your dining table btw, looks so cute and functional!

  7. We have had a similar experience! I bought my dining table and four chairs from a Antique Auction house for only £40, and they were brand new! There are bargain out there if you can spend some time searching for them

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