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I‘m always looking forward to boxing day. It used to be about going out and shopping for myself but lately that’s changed. I used to look forward to going out with my sister and we would go to our favourite shops to try to get the best bargains. One of our favourite shops was obviously Zara. Now that I’ve had kids though, I find myself buying from Zara kids’ range more.

I think I shop more for my son’s than I do for myself. Mainly because kids outgrow their clothes so quickly. They end up needing new wardrobes quite regularly. I like to dress my kids up, it’s always kind of excited me. My love for dressing up and buying clothes for myself has passed onto them. I now look forward to when it’s time to go shopping for them.

As Zara is one of my favourite shops, it’s inevitable that I’ve started to go shopping for my kid’s there. I’ll have to admit though, they are a bit pricey sometimes which is why their sale’s always come in handy! All of the products I bought from them in this post are sale items. Even their sale stuff looks great. The only problem is they sell out pretty quickly. Most of the clothes I liked were sold out in the sizes I needed. I have put up the links to the products that are still available but most of them are sold out. All of these clothes are from their online store. Here is some stuff I got for my eldest son from my most recent baby Zara haul.

By the way, I know I always go on about how much I love when something I’ve bought has gorgeous packaging so check out Zara’s packaging. It’s simple, but it’s still attractive. I also love the fact that they’re boxes are recycled! Yay, go Zara!



zara packaging


zara kids

So let me talk you through what I have bought. One shirt, two trousers and two t-shirts. they’re all basics that he needs right now.

  • I always make sure I have at least one shirt in my son’s wardrobe as we never know when we’ll need him to look smart for an occasion.
  • The t-shirts are both baggy fit comfortable t-shirts to go with the trousers I chose. They both have pockets which I find really cute. I always wonder what toddlers would put inside their pockets. Hmm.
  • Lastly, I chose really comfy trousers for him as lately he’s been quite fussy with his trousers restricting him. My son is a little runner, he loves to run and be active so these comfy but stylish trousers Zara were selling were just perfect.
zara baby

Herringbone shirt

kids rooms

Striped top with pocket 

zara tshirt

zara tshirt




zara tshirt

Harem Trousers

zara trousers


zara baby trousers

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  1. This is really cute mashaAllah! I love clothes so I think my love for dressing up and clothes will also transfer over to my kids the day Allah blesses me with children. �� great post. ��

  2. Since the time lil'M has come in my life…It is mostly about her shopping only to me…I love picking up stuff for her…Zara is one of my fav brand and these look cute….good choice….

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