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Get Organised with Islamic Moments

It’s still the beginning of the year, so it’s not too late. Is there ever a better time to start? I mean, we haven’t fully gotten into the year yet, and everyone is still on their “new years resolutions”. If you haven’t added this one to your list yet, maybe by the end of this… Read More Get Organised with Islamic Moments

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How To Make Your Old Sofa Look New Again!

  Don’t we all love a good plump sofa? A nice cushiony one that we can sink into and that will bounce right back even after we have sat on it for ages! One that even after you toddler has jumped his life out on it, it won’t look like you’ve had it for 10… Read More How To Make Your Old Sofa Look New Again!

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How To Host A Tea Party? Here Are 10 Tips!

  Tea Parties! Who doesn’t love them? I sure do! Or shall I just say tea in general? Okay so even if it’s not a tea party, don’t we all just love it? Tea, tea, tea, most of us have it several times a day. It’s such a great beverage for several reasons. From that… Read More How To Host A Tea Party? Here Are 10 Tips!

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Alhamdulillah For Series Freebies!

I have been feeling more and more grateful lately for everything I have been blessed with. A new year has begun and I cannot help but feel that I made it through a┬ároller coaster of a year with all of the trials I faced. With everything that went on, I could not have made it… Read More Alhamdulillah For Series Freebies!