10 Tea Party Essentials You Can’t Do Without! (Part 1)

February 3, 2017
Tea party, living room, sofa I have been going a little tea-party coo-coo lately. Yes, I know, but I love it, and I’m hoping you guys are loving it too! I’m so used to throwing these tea parties now, that I feel the need to share with you all some essentials you’ll definitely be needing if you’re planning to throw one yourself. Whether it be a tea party for the ladies or even hosting one for your child’s birthday, read along and I will list items you can’t do without for your tea party.

With most of these essentials, I am pretty sure a lot of you already have some of these items in your homes. Basics like, teacups, saucers and teapots, they’re things most households have even if you don’t host any tea parties. To be honest, you could host one on those few very basics but if you want to take it to the next level and also create an atmosphere, adding these essentials will really help.

1. Tiered cake stand. This is probably not the most important thing to have when hosting a tea-party but it’s definitely an essential. Since buying mine, I have literally found it so easy to place a variety of desserts and biscuits in one place. If you can get your hands on one of these, I’d say do it, it will give your tea-party table a lot more dimension. It will also make your setting look more beautiful when presented and will actually make your life easier. Also, it takes up a lot less space compared to having separate plates for all of your little desserts and biscuits. (Have you guessed that it’s my favourite item yet?)

2. Cake stand. A cake stand for your staple dessert. Present your main dessert on a large cake stand. Use it as a centrepiece for all of your other bits to go around. Presentation is key so having different sized stands and plates will just make the table look more attractive.

cath kidston teacups

tea party essentials

3. Teacups and matching saucers. Obviously, you’re going to need some teacups! Yes, that probably should have been first on the list, but since it’s such an obvious one, I’m sure it’s okay to be third. Bring out your best tea cup set, and it would be ideal to have matching saucers. If you don’t have saucers that match, try to get ones that look similar.

4. A teapot for your tea! A nice matching teapot for re-fills is always a good idea! You don’t want to stop halfway through your tea party to start brewing up some more tea.
5. Milk jug. Whether you like milky teas or not, a container for milk will give your guests that option to add it to their tea if they like. Also, of all the times I have made tea in my life, I have found that people like different amounts of milk in their tea. Some like it slightly colder with more milk, and some like the taste of less milk in their tea. And some don’t even like milk at all! So give them that option. 

6. Sugar container. Okay so again, this for the same kind of reasoning for having a milk container. Unless you prefer to add the sugar for your guests, have a cute little sugar container for your guests to add however much they like.


 tea party essentials
7. Set the scene. Candles, comfy seat covers, cushions, or even bunting, create a setting and decorate it. It will really make your guests feel more comfortable. In this particular case, I find comfort lies in three important senses, smell, touch and taste. For smell, light some candles or bring out your calming scented diffusers. Touch, place your plumpest cushions and furriest seat covers to make it super comfortable. And let’s not forget taste, offer the most comforting desserts, scones and sandwiches to take them away to a serene place, just for a few moments.
8. Okay, back to reality, a tablecloth. Get yourself a gorgeous table cloth to go with the theme of your tea party. Florals always seem to work well with tea parties but to some, it may seem very typical. If you’re not into florals, there are always other prints available. You can go for striped, chevron or even dotted prints I mean have you seen the lovely selection of table clothes sold at Zara Home lately? 
9. And that brings me onto, napkins. Napkins are always needed where there are food and drink. If you can, get some napkins that match with your tablecloth. As I have said before, because presentation is key, matching your table cloth and napkins will just make it that little bit prettier.

10. Name place signs. Okay, I’m just a little bit extra with this one but name place signs are such a cute idea! I feel like it will kind of just dress the table up a little bit more! And don’t you think your guests will feel a bit more special having their name next to their seat? I would! It’s the little touches like these that make everything a bit more delightful.

luxurious living room

Those were my ten tea party essentials. In part two of the tea party series, I will give you guys a guide to where to buy all of these essentials from. I will also post links so you can shop for all of the items too! Hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment below on how your latest tea party went!

Tea party essentials
tea party essentials you can't do without


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