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So in my previous post, I spoke about what essentials you’ll need if you’re planning to host a tea party. That was part 1 of the tea party series. This is part 2 and I want to show you guys where you can get all of the essentials from.

I’ll name you a few different stores you can check out if you need some of these items. All of the shops sell a different variety of the items so you might have to look and shop around if you are going for a particular look.

I will present to you the items I have found and I will go through all of the essentials in the same order as the previous post. I will then show you three different varieties of each item to give you guys a sort of idea of how it could look. This way, you’ll be able to choose which you prefer from which shop.

1. Tiered Cake Stand
From the left, these cake stands are from Argos, Laura Ashley and Wayfair.

wayfair tiered cake standargos tiered cake standlaura ashley tiered cake stand

2. Cake Stand

From the left, these cake stands are from Amazon, Ikea and H&M
cake stand h&mcake stand amazoncake stand ikea
tea cup set zara home3. Teacup Set
This includes teacups and saucers, teapot, milk jug and sugar container. The tea sets on the right and below are from Zara Home, they sell a beautiful range. I absolutely love the delicate details on their sets it’s very subtle and dainty. 

tea cup set t2 tea

The tea set below is from T2 Tea. T2 Tea is pretty much the go-to store when it comes to anything tea. From tea sets to any type of tea you want, they have! So if you really want to go all out, get both your tea and tea sets from them. You won’t be disappointed! 

4. Set The Scene
You can do this with candles, comfy seat cushions, or even bunting. You can choose to use all of these or just some of them. Here is some inspiration with how you could decorate with them. These images are from H&M Home so you can also get the products from there too. Here’s a link to their >>>website<<<

candles h&m

candles h&mh&m home

h&m home table cloth
5. Tablecloth and Napkins
These table cloths and napkins are from Zara Home and H&M Home. In my previous post, I mentioned that Zara Home had a huge collection and variety of table cloths and matching napkins so if you’re quite particular, check them out because you’re bound to find something you’ll like! The table cloth on the left is from H&M Home. The table cloths and napkins below are from Zara Home.

zara home table cloth zara napkin

zara home napkin

zara home table cloth

6. Lastly, Name Place Signs 
With name place signs, you can easily make them at home. Just get small sized sheets of card, fold them over and write your guest’s name on them. It’s a cute little touch especially when it’s handwritten. If you prefer to buy them you can get some from Etsy. I love their cute detailing on the name place signs that are sold. Here are a few of my favourites and links to where on Etsy you can buy them. 

name place signs


name place signs


name place cards

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  1. Such gorgeous things. It's nice of you to share where they are available. That would save a lot of hassle for someone who wants to throw a tea party in your style 😉

  2. MashAllah, the idea alone of hosting (or even being invited to!) a tea party sounds absolutely fun and marvelous, let alone shopping for tea party items! I love the many suggestions you gave; your aesthetic taste is very refreshing, modern and minimalist! It's as if you've re-invented the classic idea of a tea party (little girls in tutus “drinking tea” from empty, plastic, pink cups), into something elegant and classy for modern-day women! I love it.

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