Step Inside My Handbag (no seriously step inside!)

Jollychic bag

Step inside my handbag, no seriously, step inside! I was tagged by the lovely Twenty Five Star to do this handbag tag! Yay. Making a post with this title was bound to happen sooner or later so when I got tagged, just writing the title of this post got me really excited! (Can you guess why?)

Yes, because it is my blog name! I knew when I started this blog that I might one day make a post like this, I just didn’t know when or how I would do it. 

Okay, so handbag tag, wondering what it is? Well, it’s just basically me showing you what’s inside my handbag. But this particular tag focuses on your occupation, whether it’s your job, blog or even being a mum! For example, I sew. My job requires me to sew, so you’ll see a few things that are important to me for sewing inside my handbag which I actually carry around with me. 

Just a little heads up, inside my handbag is not as glamorous as you might be thinking. It is the most uninspiring inside I have ever seen. (So don’t expect much). There’s mostly just necessities that I need.

Also, I tend to carry a mini bag with me. This goes on my shoulder. Then I have a huge changing bag which all of the big stuff goes inside. The big bag is for everything I need for my kids when I am outside and for the big items that won’t fit inside my small bag. Don’t worry I won’t be showing you the nappy bag today. The contents of it are endless!

I’ll only be sharing the contents of my mini bag. What’s inside it is usually stuff that I need to grab quickly so I make sure they are at an easy reach. You’ll see a mix of my job, motherhood and everyday life. It’s extremely minimal though, because there’s not much space in the bag. 

So here goes…

inside my handbag

1. My purse. I’ll admit, I’m not too proud of how old and battered it is but it is definitely the most important thing in my bag! It’s really old and I’ve wanted to get a new one for a while, just haven’t gotten around to it.

2. My hair scrunchie! This is a recent new addition to my purse. I always end up needing it so it pretty much comes everywhere with me! Thanks to Regalo Box for sending me one or I would have never known how much I need one.

purse scrunchie

3. A tape measure. Now here’s where my occupation starts to seep through. I carry one of these because measuring is something my sister and I always do at client meet-ups. It’s probably one of our most important items. She tends to carry the main load for our client meet-ups such as pins, client book and fabric chalk. If you want to see the main load head over to her blog, here is the link >>> Twenty Five Star.

4. Tissues. With kids, tissues are always needed. Also, I kind of have a forever runny nose because of allergies so yeah tissues are a must.

tapemeasure tissues

5. A needle and one of our business cards. I always find I end up needing needles so my bag is the place it usually ends up staying. But I don’t have a particular place to put it, so I end up sticking it inside pieces of paper. This time it ended up being one of our Barakah London business cards.

6. My baby’s dummy! I need this pretty close when I am out, you never know when fussiness and crying will begin.

7. Lastly my keys, well because I do need to get back home. (cheeky smile)



See, I told you! Very minimal. One of the conditions of being tagged is that I must tag ar least one other blogger/Instagrammer. So I chose to tag a two lovely ladies, an Instagrammer by the name of @Handmadebyimaan<<< here is her Instagram. I have also tagged Modest Seamstress, check out her blog and here is her Instagram @Modestseamstress!

Also, head over to >>>Twenty Five Star<<< to see what is inside hers, I’m sure you’ll love her handbag AND the contents of it.


14 thoughts on “Step Inside My Handbag (no seriously step inside!)

  1. Struggling Muslimah says:

    Wow your bag is pretty minimal , I have to carry in my hand bag a epinephrine pen and allergy medication as well as head ache medication and tissues then my wallet , phone tissues and my planner and a small pouch with personal women products as well as water and snacks that is just my personal hand bag if I take the children I have a bigger bag and a system for organizing it


  2. Umme Hafsa says:

    I love the simplicity of your bag – it's something that I'm trying to work towards, not having excessive stuff in my bag. Currently, I leave with an entire cupboard in my bag hehehe


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