I have recently collaborated with Blinds Hut to bring you guys a few of my favourite Summer 2017 interior trends. These trends I have chosen are currently my favourites. And even though I haven’t quite managed to incorporate all of them into my home, I’m hoping one day I will. Read along and I’ll show you what they are.

Interior trends are constantly changing. In some cases, every season, a new trend comes into place. And then there are those trends that stick around for a while throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter, they’re still around because the trends are that good! Here are a few of my favourites right now.

Mixed Patterns

So, one trend I am really growing to love is mixing patterns. Mixed patterns seem to be popping up around a lot lately. Gone are the days when colours and patterns need to “match”. Mixed patterns seem to create variation and life in a room when bought together.

MIxed Patterns interior trend


If you’re wondering how you could start creating mixed patterns in your home, an easy place to start is with your textiles. So on your sofa or your bed, choose different patterns you like and bring them together. One thing I find myself doing lately is buying cushions from different types of furniture shops. Then when bought together, these cushions create a gorgeous mix and matched pattern collection.

Muted and subtle tones

Subtle and muted tones have to be my all-time-favourite! Honestly, this is probably a trend that I have warmed to very quickly because I absolutely love the calming effect that comes with these colours. Especially because they help with unwinding, I find they always seem to help with relaxation.

subtle pastel paint colours


So a great way to incorporate calming tones in your home is to try out paint colours. If you don’t want to make your whole home into subtle colours, maybe just try one wall of a room. It makes a huge difference to the decor and is a great starting point. Then work your way around that wall, maybe choosing similar subtle tones.

I also find cupboards and wardrobes with subtle tones really work. If you don’t have any that have subtle tones, why not just paint them! It’s a great and simple DIY and you can achieve the look you want without spending too much.

Upholstered Headboards

This is a very big favourite of mine. Anything upholstered, I am in! An upholstered headboard, especially! It has a way of making a room look more fancy and it really makes a statement. Not to mention how comfortable it is when you rest your back on it whilst sitting and in bed and reading a book. Just imagine!


upholstered headboard interior trends


Upholstered headboards bring texture, comfort and coziness to a bedroom. I mean, those three factors are definitely something you need when you think of a bedroom. Also, if you ever want to go for one, try choosing a coloured headboard, maybe even a pop-colour. This adds so much character to a room especially when the headboard is the most colourful item a room. AND especially in a room surrounded by subtles tones, this will make it the centre of attention.


And lastly, greenery. Not just any greenery though, because we all know as Pantone’s colour of the year, greenery is showing up in all sorts of furniture and decor. I’m talking bringing the outdoors in. Potted plants and indoor green plants. I’m talking anything from cacti to artificial baby olive trees. Whether you have green fingers or not, this trend is definitely one you can take up!

potted plants


I’m not particularly good with keeping plants. The most I’d come close to plants is buying fresh flowers and that won’t even last more than a few days. The good thing with potted plants is you can buy artificial ones that look just like the real ones. And although they’ll never really feel as good as a real leaf, they sometimes look just as good as them!

I hope these trends helped with decorating your home this season. I also hope my tips helped with where you could start incorporating these trends. Do you have a favourite interior trend? Feel free to comment below your favourites.




25 Replies to “Interior Trends This Season”

  1. I am starting to get in to interior design now that I have a home I can decorate and change. I’m not sure about mixing patterns and colours but I do really like to mix patterns that have the same colours in them. I would love to get more greenery inside my home but, like you, i cannot get plants to live for long. Plastic plants seem like a good option! #MuslimahBloggers

  2. Hahaa at least the plastic plants are there for is who don’t have another option. But yes, even keeping with similar or same colours and mixed patterns would look amazing

  3. I’m all about plants and the green life. Nothing compares to the real plants though – I can’t stand the plastic ones. And yes to the mixed patterned pillows – I love the splash of patterns effect.

  4. Thank you for your article. I totally love greenry in home but just like you I also have hard time with real plants. Have to get myself into it though, really unable to settle down with artificial ones.

  5. Yes sadly 😔. I would lovee to be able to have green fingers. Yes the fake ones arent as good but hey, they’re there for us just in case 😉

  6. Barak Allaah feeki for sharing; excellent tips!
    I don’t really have much of an idea of how I would like to decorate a home and I always thought it was something hard that needs a lot of energy, but this has shown me that even simple changes can make a big difference. I do know, however, that I love pretty things, so this post has also provided me with plenty of eye candy.
    Jazak Illaah khair ❤

  7. I love the muted and subtle tones and mixed patterns! Flowers are something I grew up with so my home is constantly full of them and it’s a bit funny to me to see that something so normal to me is now a ‘trend’ :))

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