I love Summer! I really do. But the winter months never seem to fail to get me excited. Honestly, as much as I know I’ll miss summer when winter comes around there are just things that I really enjoy that can only happen during that season. One of those things is the cosiness and the winter interior trends that come with it.

When I feel Autumn coming in, I always get a super-exciting-rush and want to redecorate. And it isn’t to completely redecorate it’s just to spruce the flat up a little to make it cosier. And I like it when it’s “stylishly cosy” if that makes sense? I mean, it’s very easy to just grab anything that’ll make you warm during this month, but to think about the winter interior trends and choose items that are trendy this season is the part I get super excited about!

Anyone else the same? I don’t always feel too sad to say bye to summer, for two reasons mainly:

  1. Summer will be back anyway.
  2. I want to be able to make the most of decorating for winter!

In my previous post, Interior Trends This Season, I showed you all a few of my favourite interior trends. In this post, I will be showing you a few winter interior treads I am really looking forward to. Some of them I have already started to use at home, and the others, I will incorporate as I go!

Huge Cable Knits. I have seen these lovely throws and blankets flying around everywhere lately and honestly, I have been in-love from the minute I saw them! They are just the perfect addition to any bedroom or living room. Just imagine yourself sinking into your sofa underneath this large oversized knit! How perfect for the winter months?

The best part for me is probably because the oversized knit looks so good! The repetition of the yarn is so fascinating as it is, so seeing it enlarged is just a beautiful sight!

Winter interior trends, cable knit blanket


Midnight blues. The dark blue goes really well as a winter interior trend. Not only does it really add to a cosy look in a room, but the midnight blues also create a very luxe feel!

Add a little bit of midnight blue to one side of your room and watch how it instantly creates a cosy corner! I personally would want to paint one wall of a room with this colour. This way it wouldn’t take over the whole room by making it dark. It would add just enough of the cosy feel to the room that I need.

winter interior trend, midnight blue


Velvet. Oh, velvet! How I have fallen head over heels for you!! Velvet is here this season and taking over upholstered furniture! Have you seen how gorgeous this fabric looks on an upholstered chair? Honestly, it has blown me away!

So much so that I have already warmed to this trend! I bought a velvet chair quite recently (you’ll probably see it pop up somewhere in my next few blog posts). To be honest, it looks great on all soft furnishings so if you’re not able to get your hands on an upholstered velvet chair, why not just head for the cushions instead?

They look great with their two-tone shades and feel so luxurious too! I think I’ll be heading for those velvet cushions next.

winter interior trend, pink velvet chair


Blush. Lastly, blush! This colour has really grown on me too. It wasn’t until recently that I have loved the way it looks! I adore the feminine feel it leaves in a room when added. Just accents of it can create such an airy, feminine feel. So fun and light! I have never been a pink kinda girl, but this particular shade has just got me.

I personally think the colour would go well with pretty much anything. it’s easy to work with. And also easy to mix and match with because it isn’t a very strong colour. Here are some blush cushions I have used in my own home.

winter interior trend blush pink

I hope these winter interior trends have made you as excited as I am for winter to come. Will you be using any of these trends in your own home? Or are there any others you are excited to be using this season? Feel free to comment below!

8 Replies to “Winter Interior Trends To Look Forward To”

  1. This is really cool thanks for sharing I like the dark blue color, One of my bedroom walls that color. The rest of my house I really don’t care for the color maybe I should pick out paint and paint it

  2. I love how velvet adds such a luxurious look to the sitting area or any corner of the house! I used to have one velvet chair at my house in Dubai but unfortunately I had to sell it before moving to the UK.

  3. I love the oversized knit trend – love it! I’m not a fan of velvet though- it looks lovely but I’ve always disliked it and can’t get my head round it. I do like changing a few things around for winter – it lasts way longer than summer here in the UK anyway!

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