Imagine finding the perfect gift for your loved one. Gifting them with items you know they’ll love. Imagine, not having to spend hours online or out shopping trying to find these gifts for them. Imagine there was a service that you could use that actually chooses these gifts for you! Well, now there is!

Giftyounique is a company that chooses products based on the person you are gifting. For example, you give them information about what their likes are and what they are into. You could even give the person’s social media and they would work out what to get them. In my case, this is what happened.

How I happened to come across this brand you ask? Well, my sister and I were actually gifted with a lovely Giftyounique box each by our little sister. She wanted to thank us for helping her with a charity event (Tea Party For Syria) that she had organised. Our social media accounts were given to them, and they worked out, from our posts, what to get us. And the gifts we were gifted, we just loved! It all happened in the most unexpected way for us!

At the charity event, we were both called out as one of the sponsors for the event (we had sponsored as Barakah London, an abaya brand we run together). So, we were called out from the kitchen, but being too shy to come out, we just waved from where we were. At which point we were pulled out and told to go on the stage. My heart was racing as I am so bad with anything public and stage related.

Regardless, we walked up anyway and that is when it happened, we were both gifted with a gorgeous gift box each! The owners of Giftyounique came to the event and gifted us personally which was such a beautiful touch! It was wonderful to meet the lovely makers of such a wonderful brand idea.

gifting gift hamper

What did we receive in our gift boxes you ask? Well for my sister’s one, you will have to head over to her blog here to find out >>> TwentyFiveStar <<<

And for mine? Here it is, and honestly, I have to admit, I love everything that I received. All of the products were ones that I would actually buy for myself. And the box it arrived in, all I can say is, it is almost as if they knew the type of interior I love! The box has now been nicely placed on my bookshelf amongst all of the other accessories in my home.

So here’s what I received:

  1. The Herbs Coconut Handwash. I love the smell of coconuts so it was a huge yes for this product!
  2. Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream. I was in need of a good night cream so it was just great timing that I received this one.
  3. Aromatherapy Herbal Soap. I only use natural soaps, I haven’t used this one yet but am so excited to try it. This is a great addition to my collection.
  4. Royal Horticultural Society Sweet Pea Body Balm. This just smells absolutely divine!

The herbs coconut handwash

sukin night cream, gifting

aromatherapy herbal soap

The royal horticultural society body balm

beautiful quran quote

What topped off the gift hamper was this gorgeous quote inside. “Do what is beautiful, Allah loves those who do what is beautiful”, Surah Al Baqarah. This just made opening the hamper so pleasant. It’s such a beautiful quote, I placed it on my desk making it a wonderful daily reminder for myself and family.

So if you’d like to know more about this lovely gift service, head over to their Instagram >>> @giftyounique

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