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So a little while ago I received two, very beautiful, hijabs from a hijab shop called Hidden Pearls. The hijabs I received were both gorgeous and ones I would definitely wear and recommend. Read along if you’d like to know my thoughts on them.

I really like the shades of both of them. They are both quite similar in colour but are still different because of the shade and fabric. They’re both neutral in tone. The reason I prefer neutrals and nudes are because they compliment my wardrobe and the colours I usually wear. Also, I feel like they suit me more than bright tones. I do like the occasional bright coloured items, but I don’t believe they look as good as the subtle colours on me.

I have worn both of the hijabs outside. Both of them are gorgeous and can be worn for different occasions. I am pictured below in the ones I received. So the first one I am wearing is:

  • Deluxe Chiffon Hijab in Soft Pink: This one is a thick sheer chiffon hijab. I haven’t worn a chiffon hijab in a while, but being able to wear this one was quite pleasant as it draped beautifully. I’ve always been under the impression that chiffon doesn’t compliment my face shape, but after wearing this one, my thoughts have definitely changed on that idea.

One of the things I love about this particular hijab is the length. It is very long which is great as it can wrap around my neck without looking too short.

The style I like to wear this one in is a very simple way. I would just pin it at my neck and fling it over my shoulder. It’s so beautiful it doesn’t need too much fixing or styling.

The colour is also very gorgeous. Pink has been my go-to colour lately so adding this to my collection of pink items was just meant to be. The texture so soft, honestly, it wasn’t called “deluxe” for no reason.

Pink hijab hidden pearls

Hidden Pearls Hijab in soft pink

Pink hijab fashion

The second hijab I received was this jersey one I am wearing below:

  • Jersey Plain Hijab in Lavender: This is a stretchy hijab in a nudey purple colour. I fell in love with this colour as soon as I saw it. (It looks even better in real life).

So I have found with jersey hijabs, there seems to always be a different type of stretch with each one. Some are more stretchy than others. I find the really stretchy ones end up looking tighter around my face. I seem to have an issue with the way hijabs lay around my face, too tight makes my face look bigger. This one is perfect because it has that cotton element to it making it easier to shape around my face.

The jersey lavender seems to be more of a daywear type of hijab. Like I have said before, I love neutral colours when it comes to anything inside my wardrobe so this colour fits in perfectly.

It’s very easy to style as it holds very well. It doesn’t slide out of place easily which is great when you’re running around for daily errands. I like the fact that it both looks good and you don’t need to fuss around with it fixing it too much.

Autumn leaves

hidden pearls hijab

Lavender jersey scarf hidden pearls

Overall, both of the hijabs were exactly how I liked them to be. They can be worn for different occasions. Personally, I would wear the Chiffon Deluxe with evening wear and the Jersey for daywear.  (Although I would wear the Chiffon Deluxe for daywear too). They’re both ones I wear quite regularly.

If you’d like to see the range of hijabs Hidden Pearls sell, head over to their website. They sell a wide range of hijabs and scarves and even Islamic gifts. >>>Hidden Pearls

11 Replies to “Hijab Review From Hidden Pearls”

  1. Oh, so pretty! I have to go with the chiffon as my favorite. I love how it drapes, and the length of it as well. I also like how you paired the soft colors with the dark jilbab, very classy look. Masha’Allah.

  2. Chiffon and wool is perfect for Hijab. I liked both of these. And she it is a need of everyday, I would like all other I could have.

  3. these hijabs are gorgeous, and your photos are so elegant!! I loved them even when you posted on Instagram! such a lovely collection by Hijab Pearls and a fantastic review by you!

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