wooden furniture and why we all need some oak furniture

So lately I have been back into the process of decorating my home. And the more I look for furniture for my home, the more I am drawn to items that will last and that are durable. It is very easy to find furniture that looks good but won’t last very long because it isn’t strong enough. Which is what brings me onto the subject of why we all need some oak furniture.

What comes to mind when you think of oak furniture?

What comes to mind when you think of oak furniture? To me, the 3 words come straight into my head. These are thick, durable and sturdy! And then when I go to Lifestylefurniture.co.uk and see their beautiful range of oak furniture, I think not only is oak wood strong but absolutely beautiful too!

The reason I have been looking at oak furniture is that I am in the process of decorating my son’s room. And what is taking me particularly long to decide is what kind of wardrobe to get for it. I have got temporary storage for the time being and why it has taken me so long to officially get proper storage is because I am looking for one that both looks good AND can stand for a long time in a boy’s room. (Because let’s face it, they ARE boys, and furniture that isn’t strong enough may not be able to last long!)

why we all need some oak furniture, living room


Why oak furniture?

A few reasons to go for oak when choosing furniture are:

  1. It’s durable. You don’t want to have to buy a wardrobe only to find it wears and tears within a year of owning it. It’s nice to know that you will be sorted for years and not have to think about buying the same furniture year after year.
  2. It has a beautiful grain. It will add so much texture to your room. It has such a beautiful look and when mixed with other furniture it creates variation. What I love is the way it goes well with both modern and traditional decor. This gives you a variety of ways in which you could decorate with it.
  3. It’s sturdy. The reason I am drawn into oak wood is the fact that it’s sturdy. As I have mentioned before, I have two boys, and having sturdy furniture is important as it will eliminate having to worry about it breaking easily or falling over.
  4. You can find oak furniture made into every type of furniture! From bedside tables to wardrobes, to bookshelves. You name it, it’s probably already been made in oak. So if you want a room with all matching furniture, it’ll be easy to get in oak!

What type would you go for?

Right now, I am particularly drawn to the Cuba Oak range from Lifestyle Furniture. I like the more modern look when it comes to interiors and I feel this type of oak is very modern. It has a beautiful rich grain which creates so much texture. It is quite a light coloured brown which I prefer as a lot of my furniture at home is light. And best of all, knowing that it is durable and will last for years puts my heart at ease!

So as I flicked through the Lifestyle Furniture website, I found that not only did they sell a wide range of oak furniture, but they looked great too. It seems they had an oak style for everyone. If you’re into a more rustic decor, they have rustic oak available!

wood typesThey also sell painted wood so if you’re not into the wooden colour, there’s always the white coloured range. This is great as you’ll be getting both the quality you need with the style you want! Not needing to compromise between the two makes it more worthwhile.

If you’re looking for furniture that looks good, will last ages and withstand wears and tears, you might want to head for oak furniture. Furthermore, have a look at Lifestyle Furniture’s range, their selection is wonderful!


Back to my son’s room

So the idea for his room right now is that I want to get a strong wardrobe that will last a while. I have considered going for a more temporary wardrobe that will only last my children’s childhood but then thought against it too. The reason for this is I’d like the furniture to last until their teenage years. So getting a cheaper and smaller wardrobe one won’t allow me to do that. Also, they’ll outgrow it pretty quickly! My plan is to head for something sturdy and oak is really pulling me in right now.



We all need furniture that will last long. It can get quite irritating to buy furniture but to have it break only a year after purchasing. So why not try oak?

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  1. Wonderful post and excellent points about oak furniture! I actually got rid of my new, not so solid, dining table and chairs and bought a used dining set that was solid wood. Needless to say, our new treasure of a dining table is still sturdy and durable!

  2. I would love some oak furniture! 🙂 However, I should probably have a house first 😛 As an expat, I tend not to buy anything. You never know when we are going to pick up and go! 🙂 Lovely blog!

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