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I have been really into beautiful cafe’s and visiting them lately. I’m not talking your average, Starbucks coffee shops, I’m thinking more thought out and beautifully decorated places. London cafes are a hotspot for anyone wanting to experience seriously good cake’s, tea and decor.

With pretty decor, macaron’s and some of the best tasting latte’s, I have decided to do a little series with you showing you some of the best London cafes to visit. Read along to find out the top 7 I will be visiting.

Let’s start the series with the beautiful Elan Cafe situated on Park Lane just outside the Dorchester Hotel. I have seen quite a lot of people posting about it through social media but had no idea just how much I would love it until I got there.

I have to say, pictures don’t do this place enough justice. The beauty in the way it has been decorated can only be really felt once you step inside. It felt as if every corner of the cafe had been carefully thought through. From the decor to the wonderful menu they had on display to the customer service.

Just outside the Dorchester hotel, the cafe is situated on Park Lane. Upon walking in, we were greeted by the lovely waitresses. I automatically noticed the wonderful array of delicious desserts that were laid out near the front door. So neatly displayed we couldn’t keep our eyes off them. (Later on, choosing what to eat was quite hard as there were so much to choose from).

The decor and atmosphere of the cafe were just perfect. A very cute and cosy vibe so beautifully decorated.

As you walk in, there are a couple of seating areas on the left and the food is laid out on the right. Straight ahead, there were stairs leading you downstairs where more seating is available.

Elan cafe - top 7 london cafes

London Elan cafe

London Cafes Elan CafeAs we walked downstairs the wall was decorated with flowers. A pink, white and cream flower wall from top to bottom. It was very welcoming to come across such a beautiful wall. And if you know me well, you’ll know I love flowers and I love pink, so the both combined just won me over!

elan cafe huge flower wallelan cafe, pink flower wall

So we finally got to the seating area downstairs and honestly, from the chairs to the tables, to the colours of the walls, it was just the perfect decor. Andd, more flower walls! Well, just one more to be more precise, but another very beautiful flower wall I must say, and this time it had a bike just in front of it. Perfect for that signature Elan Cafe image. I mean I can just imagine, whenever someone visits the cafe, they would want to have a photo taken by the wall with the bike. (Which is exactly what I ended up doing ehm ehmm).

The food was also very delicious, I chose to eat a Halloumi sandwich and a Popcorn Tart (I think that’s what it was called, can’t remember the exact name of the popcorn dessert). Interesting fact, I love desserts with popcorn on top. It probably isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I really like them. Could be a doughnut, ice cream whatever sweet-treat it is, if it has popcorn, somehow I end up gravitating towards it. Oh and the cafe is also Halal, I didn’t actually know that when I went, only found out after, so it’s definitely somewhere I would return to eat.

halloumi sandwich, flower wall, elan cafe elan cafe food best london cafes, elan cafe drinks elan cafe food elan cafe desserts

Anyway, back to this gorgeous cafe. The decor, oh the decor. I have been to quite a few restaurants and cafe’s before, and one thing I have found is that if the decor is on point, then it just makes the atmosphere that little bit more pleasant. I feel our surroundings always make a difference in how we feel. For example, the colours used in the shop were all airy and light.

london cafes, elan cafe flower wall elan cafe flower wall

Pastel greys, greens and pinks. I find lighter shades tend to have a more calming effect which is how you would want to feel when meeting up with a friend for that catch-up coffee or tea. Also, being surrounded by all of the flowers added a more playful and fun look to the whole place. All very beautifully put together.

Being wowed by the first place I have seen, Elan Cafe, here are my top 7 London cafes that I want to visit at the moment. (In no particular order…)

  1. Elan Cafe
  2. Aubaine
  3. Laduree
  4. Biscuiteers
  5. Peggy Porschen
  6. Caffe Concerto
  7. Saint Aymes

Want to know about these cafes? Watch out for the next place in the series. By the way for those of you that also love hosting tea parties, why not check out my tea-party series, it all started with How To Host Tea Party.

Top 7 london cafes

Top 7 london cafes
top 7 london cafes

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  1. The flower wall! 😍 I remember seeing pictures on your insta-stories a few days ago! So beautiful! I love beautifully decorated cafes too! I visited London so long ago I don’t remember much anymore, but I do remember my parents enjoying a cup of coffee and some scones and cakes at a similar cafe!

  2. I was so excited to find you got the popcorn tart because as soon as I saw it I was drooling! I really think every room should have a flower wall now! 🙂 A side note…those aren’t real flowers right?

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