How to make a flower wall , PINK FLOWER WALL

Flower walls! Aren’t they just beautiful?! A flower wall for those of you wondering is basically just a wall with loads of flowers on it. I’ve wanted one since I first saw it. Well to be more specific, ever since I visited Elan Cafe. ( Check out my post on Elan Cafe to see the flowerwall > here <). I just kept thinking about how lovely it would look if I had one at home.

So, when I start to really like things that I come across, I have a habit of wanting to make one too. For Example, the time I fell for a feathered lampshade. Check out how I made one >here<. And that’s what happened with the flower wall.

I started by researching different ways of making it. There was a tutorial I came across where they used metal mesh to feed the stems of the flowers through. But I decided not to go with that idea when I found a way of making it using items I had at home.

I saw a few tutorials where they used a cardboard box, fabric and a glue gun and because I had all of them at home, I decided to go with that way of making it. Here’s how I made it.

What you’ll need:

  1. Fake flowers
  2. Large piece of fabric
  3. Glue gun
  4. Fabric scissors
  5. Strong cello tape/duck tape
  6. Staple gun
  7. Cardboard box

How to make a flower wall, WHAT YOU NEED

Step 1: You’ll want to start by taping all of the bendy parts of your cardboard box. This will make it more sturdy so the flower wall won’t bend later on.

Step 2: Get all of your bunches of flowers and pull the flower heads and leaves off the stems. (I used 7 bunches of flowers to fill it up. My cardboard was 110cm by 59cm and 7 bunches of peonies were enough. Depending on what type you flowers you get and how big they are, how many bunches you may need will vary.)

Step 3: Lay your fabric down flat and place your cardboard on top.

Step 4: Cut the fabric down to the size of your cardboard leaving enough space to fold the fabric over.

Step 5: Fold the fabric over your cardboard and staple it down using your staple gun. Staple it down until it is tight and secure.

Step 6:  Turn your cardboard over and start placing the flowers on top. Once you are happy with the placement, glue them down with your glue gun.

Step 7: Once you have glued most of the flowers on, start to add the leaves. Any extra flowers or leaves can be used to fill in the gaps.

Step 8: Add more glue to the flowers that aren’t secure and then you are done!



This is how my flower wall turned out. I liked having leaves in between my flowers as it makes it look more realistic but you can make it however you prefer. If you’d like to see a video tutorial of how I made it, check out the video below! Hope you enjoy!

how to make a flower wall, flowers, pink peonies, pink flowers, diy

how to make a flower wall, pink peonies, diy flower wall

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  1. Really beautiful tutorial! I always prefer flowers when I whant to ad a new accent or just some color at home. I love flowers no matter if they are fresh or fake. Love your idea and surely will make such “flower wall” for my girls’ room . Greets!

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