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Caffe Concerto – Top 7 London Cafes

January 23, 2018

Top London Cafes, caffe concerto

Carrying on from my Top 7 London Cafes series, here is cafe number 2. The cafe I have chosen is Caffe Concerto. If you want great tasting food in a luxurious setting, then this is the place to go!

Read along if you’d like to see my experience at Caffe Concerto and my list of top 7 London cafes to visit. I have already showed you guys Elan Cafe which had me making my own flower wall! You can read about Elan Cafe > here 

I have been to a few different Caffe Concerto’s in London. My favourite though has to be the one located in The Village in Westfield London. I really liked everything about this one which is why it entered my top 7.

From the decor to the food, to the service, I’d say this place was just a beautiful experience.

The decor first, because let’s be honest, that’s the first thing we are drawn to when we see any cafe or restaurant. That first feeling you feel as you walk into the setting always sets the mood for your experience. And for Caffe Concerto, let’s just say, I fell in love.

In particular, it was the chandeliers I fell for. There were quite a few of them across the cafe and they lit the whole place up elegantly. The whole place looked very grand.

It isn’t a very typical look for a cafe, but you can clearly tell the kind of mood they want to set for you as soon as you walk in.

Caffe Concerto

caffe concerto westfield London

The room was quite dark with bright chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Mustard coloured chairs and curtains which worked really well with the dark walls and tables. It definitely gave a luxurious feel to the whole room.

I next noticed their service. We were told to wait at the front door until a waiter came and greeted us in. We were given the choice of where to sit. As the cafe was quite empty at the time we went, it was quite nice to have that option of choosing anywhere we wanted to sit.

So we chose a table of 4, located right next to the floor length windows. The best part of being sat here was we had a beautiful view of the outside of Westfield. Gorgeous lights lit up the shops next to our window. A pretty perfect view.

The customer service was lovely, we were served straight away and the food came quickly. And the waiters were always available when we needed them.

Caffe Concerto decor, westfield london Caffe Concerto, lagre chandelier Caffe concerto, top London cafes, desserts

I have to admit, I really really liked the food. All of their meats were Halal, except for the afternoon tea sandwiches. We didn’t mind this so much as we went to eat a proper meal.

I ordered their Chicken Breast which came with cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes, green beans and a creamy mushroom sauce. It was delicious and the portion was quite big. It was £14.95 and I would say it was worth the price.

Unfortunately we didn’t get around to dessert this time, but I have had their desserts before and they’re pretty good. Their desserts are your typical desserts you’ll find in cafes but they are really tasty.

caffe concerto food, top london cafes Cafe concerto chicken breast Caffe Concerto, chicken breast, food caffe concerto, top 7 london cafes

Overall, I really liked it. I feel like the experience as a whole is always so important which is why this cafe is one of my favourites. Hope you enjoyed my little review of Caffe Concerto, here are my top 7 London cafes below (in no particular order).

  1. Elan
  2. Aubaine
  3. Laduree
  4. Biscuiteers
  5. Peggy Porschen
  6. Caffe Concerto
  7. The Hummingbird Bakery

I will be writing up my next review soon of one of these cafes! Can you guess which one it will be?

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