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Mubarak London Luxury Gift Box Review

February 12, 2018

Mubarak London, Luxury Gift Boxes

A lot of you may have already heard of Mubarak London. Their gift boxes have always had me ooing and ahhing everytime I see them! For those of you that haven’t seen their wonderful range of luxury gift boxes, let me just explain a little about them to you first.

Mubarak London are a luxury gift box brand. They sell a wide range of Islamic based gift boxes and have even started bespoke boxes too! They have actually recently launched their new website. Check them out > here if you’d like a little browse.

I was recently contacted by them and they offered me one of their children’s gift boxes for my kids.

They sent us the Chocolate Surprise gift box and here’s what was inside:

  1. 2 ceramic children’s mugs
  2. 2 silver plated hot chocolate spoons
  3. A box of vanilla children’s biscuits
  4. And an extra item was added for me which was a long-lasting white rose

One thing I couldn’t get over with Mubarak London is the fact that their service and packaging is so remarkable. I absolutely loved the way everything was packaged. The Mubarak London box that everything came in was so sturdy you could tell that there were items of quality inside.

Let’s start off with the white long-lasting rose. The rose was delicately packaged and came with a care card to ensure it lasts as long as possible. I loved this as it set me up to treat it with care even before starting to use it. And the very fact that it’s a rose that doesn’t die after a week of having it, still excites me!

(Honestly! If you follow my social media, you’ll see that the rose has been popping up quite a lot since I have received it! Not only does it decorate my home beautifully, it also makes such a great prop for my images.)

Next up, the children’s ceramic mugs. My eldest absolutely loves using his to drink from. The mugs are definitely of high standard and are dishwasher friendly (I know because I have tried it inside my dishwasher.) The reason I emphasise on the dishwasher friendly part is because I recently used one of my favourite mugs inside my dishwasher and the little design on the side actually peeled off. It’s great to know the cute little design on the children’s mugs don’t come off easily.

childrens mugs, mubarak london

The hot chocolate spoons were an absolute delight! I have to admit I sneakily had some after I made them for the kids. It’s so lovely that they are real chocolate rather than the powder stuff you get in those cans. They tasted delightful!

Hot chocolate spoon, mubarak london

My favourite part of the chocolate spoons had to be the little quote at the end that said, “hope you said Bismillah.”

This will be great for the kids when they’re eating with the spoons as a little reminder!

And lastly, the biscuits were so cute! Owl and Cat Vanilla Biscuits. They tasted lovely, very light and not too sugary. Perfect and really fun for young kids.

natural kids biscuits, mubarak london

Overall I absolutely loved the gift box chosen for me by Mubarak London. They have a wide range of boxes to choose from. From men’s, children’s to even couples gift boxes.

Also I wanted to add that they offer a bespoke gift service so if it is a really particular gift box you want to create, see what they have on offer > here


(The products in this post were sent to me free off charge, but all opinions are my own)


  • Sumaira

    February 13, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Oh the cuteness of this package! Mashallah! This would be an amazing and fun gift idea for anyone 🙂 My favorite item was the spoon too- super adorable mashallah <3

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