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What is your blog about?

My blog is a creative lifestyle blog which I started after I moved into my new flat. It’s a place where I document my journey into decorating my home, designing quick-fix D.I.Y tricks and lifestyle-related bits and bobs. You’ll find a lot of ‘how to’s’, and sometimes the latest on my fashion line Barakah London!

What are your goals?

I’m all about constantly re-inventing the world I live in to make it more comfortable. I want to inspire others to be creative and bold when it comes to making new things, or sprucing up the old!
I also want my own creativity to blossom and grow 🙂

Tell us something interesting about you

I am a mother of two wonderful boys. But that’s not where it ends, I also co-founded a company with my sister named Barakah London. It’s a Fashion line we started a few years back where we hand-make Abayas for personal clients. Now the basics are over and done with, feel free to browse around! Hope you enjoy what you see!
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