Hijab Review From Hidden Pearls

So a little while ago I received two, very beautiful, hijabs from a hijab shop called Hidden Pearls. The hijabs I received were both gorgeous and ones I would definitely wear and recommend. Read along if you’d like to know my thoughts on them. I really like the shades of both of them. They are both… Read More Hijab Review From Hidden Pearls

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Spring/Summer 2017

The new collection is officially out! Spring/Summer 2017, here we are and what a collection it is. As some of you may know, my sister and I run an abaya making business together. We make abayas for our label Barakah London. It’s a brand we both co-founded where we make bespoke abayas for clients. And… Read More Spring/Summer 2017

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The Hooded Clothing Line

  Have you ever had the frustration of having to layer clothing to make it more modest? And then you come across a beautiful top that you really want to get but decide not to because it has no sleeves? Well for all of you ladies nodding, this is a post for you and could… Read More The Hooded Clothing Line

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Step Inside My Handbag (no seriously step inside!)

Step inside my handbag, no seriously, step inside! I was tagged by the lovely Twenty Five Star to do this handbag tag! Yay. Making a post with this title was bound to happen sooner or later so when I got tagged, just writing the title of this post got me really excited! (Can you guess why?)… Read More Step Inside My Handbag (no seriously step inside!)

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Baby Zara Haul

  I‘m always looking forward to boxing day. It used to be about going out and shopping for myself but lately that’s changed. I used to look forward to going out with my sister and we would go to our favourite shops to try to get the best bargains. One of our favourite shops was… Read More Baby Zara Haul

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Party OOTD and Winner of Best Dressed!

Eid literally just finished for us, so you know what that meant? Second annual Celebrate Us event. Again, my Sister and I were invited for our brand Barakah London! This time though, we decided to have the stall instead of doing the runway as we wanted to interact with the customers more. It was a… Read More Party OOTD and Winner of Best Dressed!

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New Collection and 15% Discount!

Our new abayas have officially been released, yay! They are all up on the website now if you would like to purchase any Eid just around the corner and we’re having a 15% discount on all abayas! Yes all abayas when you sign up to our newsletter, it’s the perfect time for you lovely… Read More New Collection and 15% Discount!

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OOTD For A Ladies Night Out

Not long ago, I attended a sisters gala called Celebrate Us. It was a ladies only event so for someone like me, who wears an Abaya, it meant I could wear what I want! The dress code was to dress up so everyone came in dresses and beautiful gowns. (If you’d like to read about… Read More OOTD For A Ladies Night Out

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Thamanyah-Because We All Love Stars

For those of you who have been following our latest collection, you’ll know we have a new addition. And for those who don’t know about our newest addition, I’d like to reveal, Thamanya. If you are a lover of stars, well then keep on reading because you’ll love this Abaya. This lovely open style Abaya… Read More Thamanyah-Because We All Love Stars

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mini Zara Haul

Zara, pretty much my favourite shop I go to for clothes. Especially when there’s a sale! Their sale’s are amazing right?! This post isn’t a sale haul though, just a haul of a very few selected buys. The basics that we all definitely need!I picked up three items from Zara, Yes only three. Before, I… Read More mini Zara Haul