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My First Book About The Quran

How do we teach our kids about the Quran? I mean, like where should we start? Do we show them the Quran and explain to them what it is? I mean, my eldest is at that age now where I can explain things to him and he can understand what they are, so I feel… Read More My First Book About The Quran

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Alhamdulillah For Series Freebies!

I have been feeling more and more grateful lately for everything I have been blessed with. A new year has begun and I cannot help but feel that I made it through a roller coaster of a year with all of the trials I faced. With everything that went on, I could not have made it… Read More Alhamdulillah For Series Freebies!

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Baby Zara Haul

  I‘m always looking forward to boxing day. It used to be about going out and shopping for myself but lately that’s changed. I used to look forward to going out with my sister and we would go to our favourite shops to try to get the best bargains. One of our favourite shops was… Read More Baby Zara Haul

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Bell Jars And Fairy Lights

  So there seems to be a fairy lights craze lately. There also seems to be a new thing going around with putting them in jars. I completely fell in love with this idea from the moment I saw it. The lights almost look like fireflies that have been captured in a jar. It’s such… Read More Bell Jars And Fairy Lights

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My First Wudu Book!

It’s inevitable that I’ve grown a love for children’s books. I mean, it was bound to happen after I had my son. Isn’t it funny how it’s me that’s grown the love for children’s books. After all, my son does really enjoy them so I guess that’s why my interest in them has grown so much.… Read More My First Wudu Book!

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Interior Trend To Look Out For

Just before giving birth, I went a little DIY crazy in my son’s room and went all in decorating. I haven’t finished yet, It’s only the beginning of decorating his room and after seeing the Jonathan Adler for Fisher Price collection, I fell in love. Adult-like children’s furniture. Most of the Inspiration for my son’s room will… Read More Interior Trend To Look Out For

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Win This Gorgeous Jord Watch!

    It seems all of my posts lately have been centred around babies and having babies. This post I can safely say isn’t all baby related for a change! Although there are bits about comfort after having a child, you can win an amazing Jord Watch at the end! So if you’re interested in… Read More Win This Gorgeous Jord Watch!

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Alhamdulillah For Series – Gratitude Journal

  I finally got around to ordering this book. I couldn’t help it. I’ve probably wanted it since I found out it existed. And because it’s so fast selling, I didn’t want to end up missing the chance of getting a hold of it. It was made by Ayeina, if you haven’t heard of them, check… Read More Alhamdulillah For Series – Gratitude Journal

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Step Inside My Hospital Bag!

    It’s starting to get closer to that time of giving birth. As most people probably know, some of us women go into super baby organization, mode meaning we prepare everything we need for the baby before arrival. This includes a few things such as organizing, cleaning and just making sure everything is ready.… Read More Step Inside My Hospital Bag!

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From Bump To Birthday

  I have been super busy lately and also quite tired and not feeling too well all at the same time. Yeah not so great when life gets really busy right. I’m trying to take it one day at a time though. Okay so it’s not an illness and I’m not sick. A lot of… Read More From Bump To Birthday