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DIY Feather Lamp Shade

  I absolutely love feathered light shades. I have done ever since I first saw one. They’re just stunning aren’t they? I first saw one at an interior shop called Heals. (I actually wrote a blog post about the shop which you can read about here >>> Head Over Heals.) Their Eos Pendant shades were… Read More DIY Feather Lamp Shade

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The Hooded Clothing Line

  Have you ever had the frustration of having to layer clothing to make it more modest? And then you come across a beautiful top that you really want to get but decide not to because it has no sleeves? Well for all of you ladies nodding, this is a post for you and could… Read More The Hooded Clothing Line

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Step Inside My Handbag (no seriously step inside!)

Step inside my handbag, no seriously, step inside! I was tagged by the lovely Twenty Five Star to do this handbag tag! Yay. Making a post with this title was bound to happen sooner or later so when I got tagged, just writing the title of this post got me really excited! (Can you guess why?)… Read More Step Inside My Handbag (no seriously step inside!)

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No-Sew DIY Pin Cushion

National DIY day is just around the corner. I hope all of you DIYers are as excited as I am! As you can probably guess already from my DIY posts, I love anything crafty especially when it comes to home and interior. So naturally, becoming an ambassador for National DIY day was super exciting for me as… Read More No-Sew DIY Pin Cushion

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Regalo Box – A Special Gift Box

It wasn’t too long ago I received this lovely box of goodies to review. I was contacted by the owners of Regalo Box to collaborate with them. And boy did I jump on board straight away! The reason I was so excited to collaborate with Regalo Box is because their products are tailored to women… Read More Regalo Box – A Special Gift Box

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Nouman Ali Khan – Revive Your Heart

I have been watching Nouman Ali Khan lectures for a while now. I personally find his talks really beneficial – It is probably the fact that his approach is so relatable, particularly to the younger generation.  I’m sure a lot of you have seen them, and for those who haven’t, I’m sure you’ve heard of him by… Read More Nouman Ali Khan – Revive Your Heart

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Tea Party Essentials AND Where To Get Them From! (Part 2)

So in my previous post, I spoke about what essentials you’ll need if you’re planning to host a tea party. That was part 1 of the tea party series. This is part 2 and I want to show you guys where you can get all of the essentials from. I’ll name you a few different stores… Read More Tea Party Essentials AND Where To Get Them From! (Part 2)

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10 Tea Party Essentials You Can’t Do Without! (Part 1)

I have been going a little tea-party coo-coo lately. Yes, I know, but I love it, and I’m hoping you guys are loving it too! I’m so used to throwing these tea parties now, that I feel the need to share with you all some essentials you’ll definitely be needing if you’re planning to throw… Read More 10 Tea Party Essentials You Can’t Do Without! (Part 1)

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Get Organised with Islamic Moments

It’s still the beginning of the year, so it’s not too late. Is there ever a better time to start? I mean, we haven’t fully gotten into the year yet, and everyone is still on their “new years resolutions”. If you haven’t added this one to your list yet, maybe by the end of this… Read More Get Organised with Islamic Moments

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How To Make Your Old Sofa Look New Again!

  Don’t we all love a good plump sofa? A nice cushiony one that we can sink into and that will bounce right back even after we have sat on it for ages! One that even after you toddler has jumped his life out on it, it won’t look like you’ve had it for 10… Read More How To Make Your Old Sofa Look New Again!