It wasn’t too long ago I received this lovely box of goodies to review. I was contacted by the owners of Regalo Box to collaborate with them. And boy did I jump on board straight away!

The reason I was so excited to collaborate with Regalo Box is because their products are tailored to women of colour. So you know how there are all of these subscription boxes and gift boxes flying around. I mean I could name quite a few but I’ve realised there is quite a big gap in the market for THIS kind of subscription box.

I know a lot of us would absolutely love to receive monthly subscription boxes that not only caters to our skin type but also our skin tone. I mean, how many times have you received a product that you love, but cannot use because it just doesn’t suit your skin.

Regalo Box is a hair and skin care subscription box. (They’re more a skin care box though). The box is an affordable luxury box. Their gift box doesn’t bombard you with loads of products, just a carefully selected few that you’ll actually get to use.

You’re probably thinking what does Regalomean. Well, it actually meansGift in Italian. So it’s a ‘Gift Box’ that you’ll be receiving every month. Isn’t it such a beautiful idea to be getting gifts in the post every month?


By the way, I know I pretty much say this every time, but isn’t the box so beautiful? Such a bright and beautiful box, I’m a huge fan of pop colours. In my subtle and pastel coloured home, this is a beautiful pop colour that just stands out. It’s definitely going in my box collection.

So enough about the box, let’s get onto what came inside! The first thing I picked out of the box was this Bee Good moisturiser. It’s a plumping and firming moisturiser. I have used it and it’s safe to say that it definitely does what it says on the packaging. My face automatically feels tightened when I apply it. It also smells really good which is another plus side.

Bee Good Plump and Firm

Next, I noticed the Evolve Organic Beauty face wash. I have heard quite a lot of good about Evolve Beauty so receiving this inside was quite exciting. Also, it’s organic which I am all for when it comes to face products because I have super sensitive skin lately.

You’ll also notice there was a hair scrunchie by O so Curly added in. With my type of hair, these scrunchies are the best to use. I don’t know if this happens to any of you guys, but I find when I use a normal elastic hair band, my hair breaks and sometimes it’ll get stuck inside it. This satin hair scrunchie is literally so kind to your hair because it slips right off when you need to take it off rather than getting all tangled. This small addition to the box has actually made a huge change to my hair!

evolve organic beauty


eye of horus

Next up is this Eye Of Horus gold liquid eyeliner. (Okay, so just a small disclaimer for you guys, I’m not judging the product by its name, it’s purely by what it does. These products were sent to me for a review. I won’t be commenting on the philosophy of the brand, only the function of the product)

I tested this eyeliner and it comes out as a beautiful metallic gold shade. I absolutely love anything gold and I find it is very flattering on my skin. This one definitely was as well. It’s very easy to apply with the brush it comes with. It takes a few seconds to dry, like pretty much all liquid eyeliners but it leaves a beautiful, shimmery, gold finish.

eye of horus

Lastly, on this gorgeous bed of shredded paper came hair care samples. The samples were both hair moisturising creams. I have already tried the Argan Buttermilk and let’s just say I liked it so much which is why I’ll be buying one!

As my hair type tends to get quite dry and frizzy easily. This buttermilk kept my hair really moisturised without looking too greasy. And that was only after one use, I have to say it definitely deserves a buy for that!

I didn’t get around to using the Shea and Coconut sample, but I plan to do so soon!

 If you would like to subscribe and receive your monthly gift box, here is the link 

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  1. I have subscribed to such gift boxes long back. Regald Box certainly looks good. Especially because it caters to our complexion and skin type. Nice review. Hey, I loved the packaging too.:)

  2. I love pop colours too! It's a wonderful idea not only as a gift for your self (as we all deserve a treat every now and then ) but I guess you could subscribe a loved one to receive treats as a 'just to say your special' reminder!

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