Eid is so close! I always start to really feel it coming when it’s about two weeks away. Anyone else the same? I get an urge to just decorate or get creative or make something. (Usually at this time of the year the creative in me seriously comes out!). So being a lover of making things, I have made some printable free Eid cards for this Eid!

Alhamdulillah, we are so fortunate to be able to have two Eid’s a year. And when these two Eid’s do come around, going out of my way to make things super decorative is just something I can’t help! Although for this Eid I haven’t had the chance to create an Eid decorations post, I chose to do something a little different. (If you’d like to see what my last Eid decorations post looked like, check it out here >>> 9 Must-Have Eid Decorations).

So because I didn’t get the chance to create an Eid decorations post, I felt the need to make even one thing that is Eid-related instead. Here are two floral Eid cards I designed, an Eid Mubarak card and a Happy Eid card. If you like them, you can get a hold of the free Eid cards below when you sign up.

The cards can be used in two ways, as a flat card that you can write your message on the front or as a folded card which can have the message written on the inside. You decide! I personally love both so will probably mix and match.

free eid cards free eid cards free eid cards

This is probably the second time I am giving away freebie Eid card printables. It usually only really happens when I get time to sit and think it through.  If you guys really like I will try to do it more often. Hope you enjoy them and Eid Mubarak!

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  1. Aslam alaykum, loved the Eid cards sister. Did you design these on the computer? They look like water colour paints. I thought you had done them by hand for a second! I think we definitely need more stuff like this for Muslims. I had a look at your feather lampshade which is Ma Shah Allah really good as well!

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